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firing employee 3 Quick Tips For Letting Go of Bad Employees

3 Quick Tips For Letting Go of Bad Employees

Finding and keeping good employees is a constant challenge for small businesses as the cost of training employees can be quite high. In fact, the average cost to hire an employee in a smaller company is about $7,600. However, when you find that an employee is just not working out, what do you do? Below, we’ll explore three quick tips for letting go of bad employees. 


Express Your Concerns

Most employers know rather quickly if someone will fit in or not, or if the candidate that they hired is unenthusiastic about their new job. Instead of waiting and hoping it gets better, you can have a meeting with the employee and give them an opportunity to improve or leave. Here, you’ll also want to give a definitive timeline and ways you will measure their performance. Should the employee not start to improve, you’ll also want standard procedures for how to let them know they need to improve, include warnings and write-ups that can be documented. 

Be Kind

Blurting out, “You’re fired” is probably not the best idea. You will hurt the employee’s feelings, and you may even end up with someone who will cry. It also puts the rest of your staff on edge. Being fired is never a pleasant experience, so you want to be kind and compassionate. You’ll also want to provide reasons. While most employers are at-will employers who can hire and fire at will and for no reason, this really isn’t fair to your employee, especially if they’ve been there a while. Provide as many specifics as possible, especially if they were fired due to performance reasons.

Have the Support of HR

In this day and age, small businesses have to look at every decision they make from a critical eye, and from the perspective of being sued. Thus, when you fire someone, it’s always best to have another person there who can witness it in case the person does sue. A representative from human resources is the best idea, but if your business is too small for that, it could be an assistant manager. You’ll also want to keep the firing quiet for the time being, at least until the employee can clear out their things. Soon enough the office will know, but allow your employee to gather her things in peace.

Streamline Your Time


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is about 30% of their first-year’s earnings. While firing someone is never fun (after all, they need a job to pay their bills and, oftentimes, support their families), and it is usually the company’s last resort, if it wasn’t meant to be, it can be best to let them go to cut your losses sooner rather than later.

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