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4 Ways To Improve Employee Communication Using Employee Scheduling Software scheduling+

4 Ways To Improve Employee Communication Using Employee Scheduling Software

We all make mistakes, and hopefully we all learn from them. Oftentimes, mistakes are made due to a lack of communication or a misunderstanding. As a small business, the key is to minimize these mistakes so they don’t impact the customer experience.

For example, a miscommunication can result in not enough employees showing up to work, which can impact customer wait times and thus satisfaction ratings. An error in who is doing what can result in an important task not being done, such as making fresh coffee on time, again impacting customer experience.

Small businesses can work to improve employee communication using employee scheduling software so that your customers are taken care of. We’ll take a look at some of those ways below.

Scheduling Awareness

When employees don’t know their shifts ahead of time, it can create a sense of disengagement. Gallup, who has been tracking employee engagement since 2000, shows in a recent poll that 16% of employees were actively disengaged with their work. Disengagement causes productivity to drop off, as employees put in the minimum effort in order to keep their jobs. By using employee scheduling software, employees can see their schedules in advance so they can make plans for recreation on their days off.

Invest in an Employee App

Let’s face it, the days of scheduling employees on paper are long gone. By ensuring your employees have access to the information they need for their job at all times, you will create happier employees and minimize questions on communications. To up the ante, the more methods and platforms you have available for communication, the better it will be. From smartphones and laptops to emails, text messaging, and smartwatches, an employee scheduling app is a great way to keep everyone in the loop no matter their preferred means of communication. Scheduling+’s employee scheduling app serves as a time clock, a task management tool, and a notification messaging system all in one.

Employee Empowerment

The more autonomy you give your employees to make decisions, not only will they feel valued as employees, but you’ll have more spare time for higher-order thinking for your next product and/or service launch. Thus, you can choose to allow certain employees (if they share the same position) to switch shifts with others without approval at the last minute. This shows you care about your employees’ personal lives. Scheduling+’s employee scheduling app allows everyone to see each other’s schedules, making swaps easy.

Utilize Notifications

Employees want to know what’s happening with your business. Show your employees you value them by including them in your business, asking for feedback on future growth opportunities, and more. Failing to do can lead those top-performing employees to look elsewhere if they can’t see the horizon. Our employee scheduling software not only allows for task scheduling, but also allows for notifications to be sent, keeping everyone up to speed on the happenings around your business.

Streamline Your Time

Keeping your employees on the same page with regards to the company’s mission, important announcements, and their performance, creates loyal employees who are less likely to jump ship. Plus, employee apps give the sense that they are a part of the organization as a whole, working together for a common goal.

If you are interested in Scheduling+’s employee scheduling app, reach out to a team member for a free demo today.